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UPside Visa Prepaid Card

The no-debt re-loadable UPside prepaid card is accepted anywhere Visa debit is accepted. Parents and friends in the US can remotely load cash into the card. Manage the card from any Internet cafe or web-enabled


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Making Travel Arrangements

Many study abroad programs take care of participants' international travel and housing arrangements. If this is not the case with your program, then it will be your responsibility to arrange for travel to your program site and/or find your own accommodations. You may also want to consider making plans for your own transportation and housing if you decide to do additional traveling at the end of your program.


Travel by Car

Auto France and the Peugeot Open Europe plan offer a nice alternative to "car rentals" for students and faculty while abroad. In a nutshell, it's a tax-free program initiated between auto manufacturers and the French Gov in an effort to stimulate the economy. Ultimately, works in our favor when staying over three weeks and it doesn't have the limitations/restrictions of a "car rental". Tip: book in advance while stateside; demand is often higher then supply.


Getting around abroad  is completely dependent upon the traveler and what he or she feels confident or comfortable with doing. If you are planning to study abroad, then it is safe to assume that you have the courage to put yourself in unfamiliar situations, and therefore it goes without saying you will most likely want to see and get the most out of where you are. Travelling by train and underground is a fantastic way to travel from one main city hub to another, however if you are looking to be able to get out to the vineyards of France or to visit the Bavarian countryside of Germany, then travelling by car in Europe is a viable option. With that said it is an option that should be thought out before acted upon and If possible, try not to wait until you are at your destination to decide you want a vehicle.   With a little bit of planning, you can turn a good study abroad trip into one you’ll remember forever. Here are some helpful pointers for travelling by car in Europe:



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