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FEAF will endeavour to provide a high quality of assistance and advice which will assist applicants in applying for a student visa to study in Australia. As with all other applications, initial assessment and friendly advice is given. As each application for a student visa is subject to different criteria based on their individual country of usual residence, an individualised submission is provided with each application. Furthermore, we provide assistance to students in terms of enrolment and choice of Australian educational institution.


These visas are designed to allow overseas residents to study at an Australian school or university, allowing international students to access high quality Australian education.


Generally, the basic requirements are:

  • Enrolment in a full-time course of study at an Australian school or university which is registered with the Australian government to provide courses to overseas students
  • Adequate health insurance
  • Sufficient fluency in English to undertake that course; and
  • Financial ability to undertake that course.


The student visa is for the duration of the course. Limited work rights maybe attached to this visa, and in some situations you may bring your dependent children or spouse.


Our work on student visas is always very comprehensive and tailored to suit the needs of each application.


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