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What is Market Intelligence?

Market Intelligence is - “the process of acquiring and analysing information in order to understand the market (both existing and potential customers); to determine the current and future needs and preferences, attitudes and behaviour of the market; and to assess changes in the business environment that may affect the size and nature of the market in the future”

Cornish, S. L. “Product Innovation and the Spatial Dynamics of Market Intelligence: Does Proximity to Markets Matter?” Economic Geography. Volume: 73, Issue 2 (April 1997), pp: 143-165.


What we do?

The Market Intelligence Team provides forward looking and comprehensive market research/customer intelligence and a range of qualitative and quantitative management information to:

  • inform strategy development, in particular the University’s marketing strategy (encompassing product planning, pricing and value proposition, customer services package and benefits, and communications activities)
  • support institutional strategy and corporate planning with data on the distribution of demand in the HE marketplace, competitive provision, and through commercial model analyses including PEST, FMEA, and SWOT
  • support Schools in their course portfolio review process and planning for new course development
  • support other internal and external decision making processes

The primary users of Market Intelligence Information are Academic Schools, Senior Management, and Advancement (Marketing) but our services are available to all sections of the University


Our Services

The Market Intelligence Team is able to offer:


Primary Research:

support with qualitative research including the use of:

  • The UCLan Student Panel
  • Focus groups(including topic guides; activities/tasks)
  • Individual in-depth interviews
  • Processing and Analysing research findings


support with qualitative research including :

  • the design and creation of bespoke market focused surveys and questionnaire writing using specialist survey software, including:
  • Web-Surveys
  • Paper based surveys
  • Help with commissioning Telephone Surveys
  • Analysis of a wide range of datasets including survey results using statistical analysis techniques


Secondary Research:

We offer a secondary (or desk) research facility to help faculties, schools and services keep up to date with the latest developments within Higher Education and specifically within their own markets or subject areas. We can also offer bespoke research specifically focussed on a particular area of interest if required.

For example - Course Research Summaries providing a concise but comprehensive description of competitor courses within a subject or school.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) – The team is currently in the process of acquiring specialist mapping software. This will allow us in the future to:

  • map domicile and demographics
  • map census data
  • explore student population trends
  • explore relationships between proximity and enrolment
  • carry out bespoke mapping projects

Our Unis

Cambridge College
The University of British Columbia
Wakefield College
Thompson Rivers University
Phoenix Academy
M.L.S. International college
Chamber College Malta
European School of Economics










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