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Educational Fair

Have you ever considered that a one day Fair could influence a student’s life?


FEAF regularly organises MAY Careers & Education Expo based on Built on local knowledge and an understanding of the importance for students, parents, school leavers and mature age candidates of being able to access a broad range of information and sound advice.


The Careers & Education Expo 2010 is designed to provide prospective students of all ages with plenty of answers, all in one convenient location and what’s more it’s FREE of charge!


The aim of the Careers & Education Expo is to demystify career options for students and adults at an appropriate time. For school students second term is a critical time as they choose their upper school subjects or apply for entrance to tertiary institutions.


The Careers & Education Expo is an event that showcases the full range of options for anyone making a decision on their future career. The Expo appeals to a range of people: parents of junior school students looking at senior school options; high school students considering a trade or tertiary education; recent school leavers now contemplating re-entering the education system; mature age candidates wanting to explore new, more fulfilling employment options and post-graduate professionals looking to expand their knowledge base and skills.


An exciting new feature was added to the event in 2010.
The Perth Jobs Fair is a highly relevant addition that fills the gap for those who have completed their preparation for a career and are now seeking job placement. The Perth Jobs Fair targets both employers and those seeking employment.


The FEAF Education Expo™ is an award-winning community event which showcases everything educational.


This expo, now in its seventh year, is for parents, teachers and anyone interested in education, from year 12.


Visitors will be able to get advice, find learning resources, courses, educational products and services, speak to schools and colleges.


The Education Expo provides exhibitors with a unique opportunity to showcase their schools, colleges, products, resources and services.



Our Unis

Cambridge College
The University of British Columbia
Wakefield College
Thompson Rivers University
Phoenix Academy
M.L.S. International college
Chamber College Malta
European School of Economics










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