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Distribute Quick Guides in public waiting areas, during international events, or to students taking international courses

Print out multiple copies of your favorite Quick Guides and leave them for students to peruse in your Career Center, Study Abroad or International Student office lobbies. This is easy, fast and the footer at the bottom of each Quick Guide lets students know how to register for free access. (Consider printing the poster above on the flip side of the Quick Guide as mentioned above.) Subscribers have access to all 27+ guides from the Tools area of FEAFOnline. Have student advisors, staff or student ambassadors distribute Quick Guides at all international events or to students taking any type of internationally oriented course on campus.


Create Links To Our Quick Guides

The URLs for each of 27 Quick Guides are not password protected. You can therefore easily advertize links to any of our Quick Guides in a host of different venues.
YOUR COLLEGE WEBSITE: Place multiple links to our Quick Guides on various pages of your college web site. Different Quick Guides have different themes, and you can therefore choose different Quick Guides for different pages on your college web site. Some example of these pages may be the Volunteer Abroad page, International Internship page, Study Abroad page, International Student page, Work Abroad page.


Mass E-Mails, Twitter, Facebook:

Send a mass message to your students with direct links to our Quick Guides. Choose a different Quick Guide each week to advertize the availability of this information.


Workshop Resources :

Include links to relevant Quick Guides in your student workshops, pre-departure or re-entry orientation handbooks. For example, every student who is participating in a study abroad session should be aware of our Quick Guides and other online resources. Add a link or printed copies of Quick Guides to freshman orientation packages, use them during pre-departure orientation for students going abroad, during re-entry orientation, or when an international student has just arrived on campus.



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