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PHASE TWO: Maintaining Momentum


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If you want to add some extra color and zip to your online links, press releases or marketing materials, visit for access to FEAF for Living and Working Overseas.


Poster, Poster, Poster!

Catch students on their way to class, in cafeterias, in libraries or even at the gym. Posters are a simple way to spread the word about the importance of global career skills and free access to FEAFOnline. We have created a sample poster which is easy to modify (the poster will load in MS Word): English Poster; French Poster.


The three ideas below are effective and easy to implement:


Posters In Lobbies :

Design a BIG Guide poster and post it permanently in the lobbies of the Career Center, Study Abroad office, International Student office and other similar offices on campus.


Poster On Bulletin Boards In Each Faculty :

At the start of each school year, have the poster printed in full color and then mail it with a cover letter to each faculty/department asking them to post this on their bulletin board. (Note that snail mail is more successful than e-mail to encourage faculties to post this on their bulletin boards). Here is a sample poster from one of our clients who found this strategy to be effective.


Poster On The Back Of Quick Guides:

When distributing the Quick Guides found below, print FEAF poster on the reverse side to encourage students to register for free subscriptions.



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