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12-Minute Tutorial:

Choose this video if you are pressed for time. View video Pre-recorded video training tutorials: Encourage your staff to view our series of 15 short video tutorials located in the Help section of our Web site (NOTE: To see these videos, you must first sign into the site, and then choose “Help” in the main horizontal menu bar.) We have broken up our videos into short segments (most are 3-4 minutes long), making them quicker to load and allowing for follow-up discussions and review after each segment. For more detailed information see How to organize a staff training session and use the Reader Tracking Sheet to organize a group training session for staff or students (see the last page for a training plan outline).


Customized training for your staff:

We are happy to provide a customized training session for groups of 5 or more staff. Staff can assemble in one room, or they can watch individually on a PC in their office. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to book a customized training session.


Mass email to students, faculty and advisors

Email is one of the best ways to pass along important information to members of the school community, especially at the beginning of the academic year. The more faculty and staff who know about free access to FEAFOnline, the more students they can pass it on to. See suggested audience-specific email message.


Encourage staff to register for FEAF Online

The individual or team in charge of College Site Access at your institution can see which staff have registered as users. To access this list, login to the site, go to the My Guide menu, choose My School Network (left hand menu) and use the Keyword search feature to search for “staff.” You will then see those who have self-identified themselves as “staff” in FEAFOnline registration process.


Publish a press release

Make it official! Publish a press release announcing free access to FEAFOnline. See the official press release.


So, your institution has taken the biggest step: signing up for FEAFOnline. Now it’s time to let students and staff know about the resources and features that you have made available to them. Below you will find marketing tools and strategies to help you achieve maximum visibility. After all, the more students, faculty and alumni who can benefit from FEAFOnline, the better!


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