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Customized Marketing

So, your institution has taken the biggest step: signing up for FEAFOnline. Now it’s time to let students and staff know about the resources and features that you have made available to them. Below you will find marketing tools and strategies to help you achieve maximum visibility. After all, the more students, faculty and alumni who can benefit from FEAFOnline, the better!


Getting started is easy!

Set up one or more links on your Institution Web site so that students can register for free access to FEAF Online, Career Center, Study Abroad and University Web sites are the best places to post links. Download suggested logos and recommended text.


Design a marketing plan and review our Essential Checklist

You can audit and focus your marketing efforts with our one page Essential Checklist of sure-fire ideas to increase student registrations to FEAFOnline.


Identify staff to help you promote global career skills

There are a number of people on campus who have an interest in promoting global career skills. See our list of suggestions, which includes ideas on how you might engage them.


Staff training webinars

We are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to participate in our staff training webinars. These opportunities are provided for new staff or for those who may not have had an opportunity to take previous training, or simply those who want a refresher. Note that students, student ambassadors and assistants are also welcome to join our training sessions.


Monthly staff training webinars:

the first Wednesday of each month. Sign up for either or both of: (1) Exploring FEAFOnline and (2) Marketing FEAFOnline and promoting global career skills. Register here.



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