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Admission Processing

FEAF has world class experience in Admissions Processing Outsourcing,a comprehensive solution that helps you achieve a processing turnaround of less than 48 hours and significantly reduces your costs!


In a world where every second counts, admission processing can be both time consuming and labour intensive. Our Admissions Solutions allows you to outsource some or all aspects of the admissions process while significantly improving your efficiency.


You can select between a range of outsourcing options such as data entry of admission applications or scrutiny of applications received including following-up the pending documents or even the entire assessment of admission applications.




  • Quicker Processing of Applications

    This helps you to service prospective students better and more efficiently, resulting in higher conversion rates.


  • Quicker Dispatch of Offer Letters

    With most of the students applying at multiple institutions, a quicker receipt of an offer letter from you means better likelihood of you getting the student.


  • More Staff Time to Focus on Marketing and Student Service

    By outsourcing parts or all of your admissions process, you not only reduce your costs but also free-up staff time that can be better used in areas such as sales, marketing and client service.


  • Better Reporting

    Now you can run reports any time on applications, offers, agents, conversion rates etc. to manage your business more effectively.


  • Personalised Customer Service

    Your dedicated account manager is available for ongoing assistance and to help you get more out of the service.



    Our Unis

    Cambridge College
    The University of British Columbia
    Wakefield College
    Thompson Rivers University
    Phoenix Academy
    M.L.S. International college
    Chamber College Malta
    European School of Economics










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