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Intersession Programs

Intersession Programs Abroad are short stints for those who wish to brush up on culture or language skills, or for those who do not have the time or the means to study abroad for longer periods of time.  These programs will offer you a taste of what a full study abroad program has to offer and expose you to new cultures and people.


Featured Intersession Programs

Earn 3 or 6 credits for university. Traveling study abroad program: Students travel together in a group (with the professors) across Europe during the summer or winter breaks; taking classes, visiting universities, companies, and international organizations. Students study in classrooms in the morning, visit companies in the afternoon, and have abundant intercultural and tourist opportunities.


Transcripts from prestigious AACSB-accredited universities.


Our Affiliated University¹s Winter Session allows students more flexibility and new scheduling options. Visiting students and International students have the opportunity to earn major/minor credit or explore a new interest. During this time, students can take advantage of intensive study at one of the foremost research and teaching universities in the , as well as have a chance to enjoy - during a bustling and exciting time of year.



Our Unis

Cambridge College
The University of British Columbia
Wakefield College
Thompson Rivers University
Phoenix Academy
M.L.S. International college
Chamber College Malta
European School of Economics










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