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Internship Programs abroad vary in length, however, they all offer valuable work experience.  With an internship program, your focus is not only on your academics, but on gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to either work abroad or work domestically with foreign organizations.  In today’s increasingly globalized market, an internship abroad will give you a boost in nearly any career.


Featured Intern Abroad Programs


As an international volunteer or Intern with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you're making a meaningful contribution, working side-by-side with local people and sharing in the goals of a community that warmly welcomes you. You're experiencing another culture like never before and really getting to know its people. You'll enjoy the flexibility of choosing from 12 countries, start dates year-round, and programs from 1-12 weeks long. CCS offers international volunteer programs all over the world that promote sustainable community driven initiatives. Learn more by visiting our website or emailing us today!




Our Unis

Cambridge College
The University of British Columbia
Wakefield College
Thompson Rivers University
Phoenix Academy
M.L.S. International college
Chamber College Malta
European School of Economics










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