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Academic Year and Semester Programs

Academic Year Programs typically follow the traditional “Junior Year Abroad” model, where students spend a full academic year immersed in another culture and language.  All of your classes for that academic year are conducted abroad and you live and work as though you have truly relocated your education to that country.  These programs are ideal for students who want a complete study abroad experience.


Semester Abroad Programs follow a similar model to Academic Year Abroad Programs with the exception that they are shorter – one semester instead of an entire academic year.  If you aren’t ready for the full commitment of an entire year, but you still want a complete, enriched experience, than a semester program might be what you are looking for.


Featured Academic Study Abroad Programs


Programs Throughout Europe, the Mediterranean and Latin America

  • Accredited High-Quality Academics
  • Local and International Travel Included
  • Inclusive Fees and Great Program Value


Toll-Free Number: (877) 300-7010


  • Course length: 2-52 weeks.
  • Start dates each Monday throughout the year.
  • Volunteer opportunities.
  • Summer, semester, year and gap-year programs.
  • College credit available.


FEAF can arrange educations in more than 45 countries and 100 destinations. Students can choose to study abroad for a year, semester, summer, or short-term period. While abroad, students can take courses in Art, History, Humanities, Literature, Business, Politics, Environmental Studies and more!



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