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Who is eligible to apply to the US?

Anyone who has a consistently good academic record, firm financial support and proficiency in English is eligible to apply to the US for higher education. Please check the details of the program and the university you wish to apply since different programs have a different set of criteria to be eligible. You may be required to take a few admission tests to be eligible.


When can I start studies in the US?

To qualify for an undergraduate degree program, you must be aged 17 or older, and have a Diploma or acceptable certification of graduation from a High School or Secondary School in your home country. To qualify for (post) graduate study you must have successfully completed the international equivalent of a US secondary education, and the international equivalent of a US bachelor's degree.


What is the average time to degree for programs in the U.S.?

Degree Years of Study
Associate 2 years
Bachelor’s 5 years
Master's (Most Programs) 2 years
Doctorate 6 years
Juris Doctorate (Law) 3 years



What are the Academic terms in the USA?

There are a host of academic terms used by institutions of higher education. Below are some of the most common: Academic Year: The period of time each year when a school is conducting classes. U.S. schools operate under different systems. Many schools operate on a semester system which breaks the school year into two terms of study (typically between 15 – 18 weeks in duration). Other schools operate on aquarter system which divides the school year into three terms (typically between 10 -12 weeks in duration).



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