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Can I work in Australia?

Yes. International Students on a Student visa in Australia can work 20 hours in a week during course time and full time in vacations. However, you cannot start work until you have commenced your course in Australia.


Can I extend my visa onshore ?

Yes you can do so however in some cases a student is granted a 'No further Stay' clause on their visas. In that case one has to come back and re-apply for a fresh student visa application from the home country.


Can my spouse or child accompany me in Australia while I am studying?

Yes they can apply for student dependant visa and meet the criteria to be granted a dependant visa.


Quick Facts

Known to the Romans as the Unknown Land of the South, Australia is the worlds smallest continent with a total land area of 7.61 million sq km. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, Australia ironically indeed is also the largest island on Earth and is made up of many smaller islands like Lord Howe, Macquarie, Fraser, Kangaroo amongst others. A land of sun-baked beaches and dense tropical rainforests, Australians biggest appeal lies in its fascinating natural beauty.

Given the vast expanse of this land, climatic differences seem no more a revelation. The northern regions of the country experience tropical climate and as one move southward, it change to being arid and temperate. Year round temperatures across the continent with regional and seasonal variations fluctuate between 38C and 1C. A look at the economy shows that Australia is no less than any other developed country and at a GDP per capita of $36,300 is raring to grow leaps and bounds even today. A negligible BPL population with a mere 4% unemployment rate and an inflation of 2.3%, the Unknown Land of the Roman times has certainly become much known and acknowledged for its enviable economic advancement.


Capital: Canberra


Population: 20,600,856 (July 2008 est.)


Nationality: Australian(s)


Climate: Generally arid to semi-arid with tropical in the north and temperate in the south.


Languages: English, Chinese (2.1%), Italian (1.9%) and others.


Govt.Type: Federal parliamentary democracy.


Currency: Australian Dollar (Varies between Rs 39.5 and Rs 42)


Calling Code: +61


Time Difference: Divided into 3 time zones (Standard): Eastern Standard Time- 10 hours ahead of UTC/GMT; Central Standard Time- 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of UTC/GMT; Western Standard Time- 8 hours ahead of UTC/GMT (Daylight Saving Time on Standard Time from the 1st Sunday of April until the 1st Sunday in October for those states that adopt the same).



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