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Parent's Checklist

The hardest part of moving abroad can be leaving your parents behind. Sometimes though, it's harder for them than you!

Our helpful parents checklist will help your parents feel less worried about you moving to Australia to study.


This is where parents can benefit from our good advice and we'll share some key items for them to be aware of that will give them peace of mind about their child studying in Australia. We understand it's a parent's right to be worried, but let us reduce that as much as possible!.


Most parents are concerned when their children make the decision to move abroad to study..

Being prepared can help you and your child settle and will make their decision to experience life in a new country a little easier.

FEAF have put together a short parents checklist to help put your mind at ease when your child leaves home.

  • Get involved - Tell your child you want to help with their plans. Look into accommodation with them, talk about their choice of course and location and ask how you can help.
  • Stay positive - Your child doesn't want to feel that they're making you worry more than you have to. Let them know how excited you are that they're taking such a big step in their life, this will help them feel confident they're doing the right thing.
  • Be available - let your child know that their home will always be there for them when they want to come back. Ensure you have regular contact with them via mobile phone or internet.
  • Organise paperwork - make sure your child's paperwork is all in order before they leave. Copy all their important documents, including their visa, passport, accommodation and bank details.
  • Care Package - when you've helped your child with their important paperwork, packed items and all other items that are needed, pack your child a small care package. This will be a nice surprise for them when they get to Australia and they will appreciate it.

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