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Our counsellors understand the decision in front of you right now because they've already been there. Speaking to our counsellor means you're talking to someone who understands.

Most of our counsellors were international students once just like you and they believe in the opportunities that studying in Australia can provide you.


Why speak to our counsellor?

FEAF counsellors answer numerous questions a day – it's what they do and what they love. They can help you decide where to study and what program to take, or can even advise you on the local culture and what's needed for your big move.

Once you make your decision, our counsellors can help you directly in your application to your chosen program and they can also help you obtain all the necessary documents needed from your educational institution to apply for your visa.

Counsellors at FEAF have one goal – to help. They'll be with you the whole time – from the moment you apply, to the moment you get to Australia.


Our Unis

Cambridge College
The University of British Columbia
Wakefield College
Thompson Rivers University
Phoenix Academy
M.L.S. International college
Chamber College Malta
European School of Economics










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