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Our Vision

FEAF is a leading quality global migration practice. With a multicultural/lingual team we facilitate a smooth transition of your dreams in rejuvenating careers. We ensure you make utmost possible use of availing this opportunity for a better lifestyle and environment filled with future opportunities.


Our vision is to be an independent Migration Agency which is highly valued by all of the University community, especially by students, through the active provision of services and benefits, encompassing all aspects of student life.


Our Mission

Commitment & Dedication The mission of FEAF is to provide a range of services to the students and helping them to have a fulfilling university experience through:


  • Actively representing students across the globe for various Study options
  • Advocating on behalf of and providing services, facilities and activities for our Students
  • Taking overall responsibilities of the Student for entire period (before or after) they enroll with the institution through us.

    FEAF is fully committed to your success. We are dedicated to our Students and committed to securing their interests and obtaining the results they want and need.


    Our Values

    In working towards its vision and mission the FEAF subscribes to the following values and principles:


    Ethics & Integrity

    Acting at all times with integrity and ethical consideration based on open and honest behavior and mutual trust; FEAF believes is providing transparent information to students .We promise to put forward our best – but pledge to put a truthful & not misleading position to any student.We believe integrity is central to our business & we accept assignments –when we believe they have merit and an opportunity of ultimate success.



    Providing service in an atmosphere of understanding and commitment to our Students & to foster their interests.



    Open communication and consultation.


    Responsibility and Accountability

    We will be responsible and accountable to our students , ensuring transparency of actions, with our resources of the Guild applied for the maximum long term benefit of our members


    Initiative and Development

    An attitude of welcoming change and growth with an emphasis on best standards and continuous improvement in our services and staff; encouraging individual and organizational development and creativity in all that we do; and



    Active co-operation with both internal and external organizations and groups who have foster similar goals and values, offering benefit to our Students.


    • Personal Understanding

      FEAF provides personal services to students and clients. We share their dreams .We understand their frustrations, concerns and stresses in this very important step in their lives. We always ensure a dedicated resource is available for them to speak with us.


    • Knowledge

      FEAF has expert migration knowledge. We have a team of researchers to up date us any current developments –globally. We ensure providing our clients with the best possible outcomes. We understand the complex rules of migration and pledge to explain them to students – in clear terms ,so that we understand and appreciate the relevance.



    Our Unis

    Cambridge College
    The University of British Columbia
    Wakefield College
    Thompson Rivers University
    Phoenix Academy
    M.L.S. International college
    Chamber College Malta
    European School of Economics










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